What’s a Qualifying Life Event?

No, it’s not that special life moment when you ace the Olympic trials and qualify for a spot on the team. It’s just a fancy IRS term for an event that lets you enroll in or change your benefits once the year has already started.

For example, if you get married, have a baby or lose coverage under another plan during the year, you’re allowed to enroll yourself and/or your eligible dependents in Dominion Energy’s benefits.

Because your premiums for many benefits come out of your paycheck before taxes, the IRS defines the events that let you change your benefits midyear. Here are some examples:

  • Marriage, divorce or death of a spouse
  • Satisfying or no longer meeting domestic partnership eligibility requirements (including death of a domestic partner)
  • Birth or adoption of a child, or a child placed with you for legal guardianship or foster care
  • Death of a child or child’s loss of eligibility for benefits
  • Qualified medical child support order (QMCSO)
  • Loss of coverage (including COBRA)
  • Entitlement or loss of entitlement to Medicare or Medicaid
  • Relocation of spouse or domestic partner and/or children to or from another country
  • Change in the cost of day care (for the Day Care Flexible Spending Account only)
  • Eligibility for premium assistance through a state children’s health insurance program (CHIP)
  • Termination of Medicaid or CHIP coverage due to loss of eligibility
  • Change in your, your spouse’s or your domestic partner’s employment status, including:
    • A switch from part-time to full-time status, or vice versa
    • Start or end of employment
    • Start of or return from an unpaid leave
    • Retirement
  • Spouse’s or domestic partner’s employer no longer contributes to group medical coverage
  • An open enrollment in your spouse’s or domestic partner’s employer plan

To make a benefit change due to a life event, visit Your Benefits Resources™ within 31 days following the date of the event.