Domestic Partners

You may enroll your eligible domestic partner in your Dominion Energy medical, dental and vision benefits. You pay the full cost of your domestic partner’s coverage with after-tax dollars. Dominion Energy does not contribute toward the cost of domestic partner coverage.

To be eligible, both you and your domestic partner must:

  • Be at least age 18.
  • Have lived together for at least six months before the effective date of coverage and intend for the relationship to be of unlimited duration.
  • Not be married to anyone else or involved in another domestic partner relationship.
  • Share financial responsibilities through joint ownership of or lease responsibilities for your residence, and/or have named each other as beneficiaries under life insurance policies or wills.
  • Not be related by blood to such a degree that marriage would be prohibited under applicable state law (without regard to gender).
  • Be competent to make contracts (i.e., not considered incompetent because of physical or mental disability).

Children of domestic partners cannot be covered, unless they are eligible to be covered as your dependents under the plan. Your domestic partner’s child is not considered your “stepchild” for purposes of the plan.