Work/Life Benefits—2018

Life is more than just work. Dominion Energy also offers you a number of benefits that can help you manage the challenges of everyday life.

Adoption Assistance

The Adoption Assistance Program offers eligible employees up to $11,650 per child in assistance with qualifying adoption expenses. Subject to IRS requirements, all or a portion of this assistance may be tax-free.

Use this form to apply for reimbursement. Or have one mailed to you by calling the Dominion Energy HelpLine.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Work-Life Services

Need help coping with stress, family pressures, money issues or work demands? Reach out to the Dominion Energy Life Resource Center. These services are confidential, available 24/7, and provided at no cost to you and members of your household.

Here’s how the Dominion Energy Life Resource Center can help:

  • Short-term counseling for personal concerns for employees and household members members (e.g., grief, substance abuse, relationship issues, workplace challenges)
  • Legal/financial services, such as retirement planning, budgeting, debt/credit issues and saving money
  • Assessment, research and referral for child and adult care, parenting, summer camps and help with aging issues
  • Convenience services (e.g., home improvement, moving, pet care, repair services, travel)
  • Discounts on top brands from LifeMart

Help make your life easier! Call 1-877-366-9355 (1-877-DOM-WELL) or visit

Education Assistance

The Education Assistance Program helps you gain the education and training that will help you expand your effectiveness on the job with new knowledge and skills by allowing a $7,500 reimbursement.

The plan pays 100% of tuition costs, required textbooks and specific course-related fees—up to the IRS limit of $7,500 per calendar year. You will be taxed on the difference between $5,250 and $7,500.

You have a maximum of six months from the date the course(s) is completed to submit an Education Assistance Application and Service/Repayment Agreement, along with required documentation, for reimbursement.

Use this form to submit your application to Employee Services. Or you can have one mailed to you by calling the Dominion Energy HelpLine.