Earning Your Premium Credit

Some things in life are so important that Dominion Energy wants to encourage you to do them. That’s why you and your covered spouse or domestic partner can each earn a $400 credit toward the cost of your 2019 medical premiums when you earn points for taking a few simple steps to be healthier. That’s $800 for being a healthy couple!

How to Earn Points

You earn points by completing certain activities and when your Health Numbers are within “healthy ranges”—or you can show that you’re trying to get them there.

  • Dominion Energy East: 200 points are needed of which 100 must come from Required Activities
  • Dominion Energy West: 100 points from Required Activities are needed

Here’s how you earn points:

Required Activities + Health Numbers + Wellness Activities
Get a health screening and complete the StayWell Online® Health Assessment:

Earn 100 points.
Each eligible health number that falls into “healthy ranges”:

Earn 25 ‒ 50 points per category.

Eligible numbers: total cholesterol, blood pressure, body mass index (BMI) and blood glucose. Check your points total after you complete your health screening and online Health Assessment and go from there.
Each wellness activity you complete:

Earn 25 ‒ 100 points per activity.

Choose from lots of activities, such as getting a physical exam or flu shot, tobacco cessation, completing a Health Challenge and participating in Lifestyle Telephonic Coaching, Self-Directed Coaching, Learning Series and more.

Click here to learn more about the points for each activity.

Category Activity Points You’ll Earn
Required Activities Health screening 50
Online Health Assessment 50
Health Numbers Total cholesterol: less than or equal to 200 50
Blood pressure: less than or equal to 120/80 50
Body mass index (BMI): less than or equal to 25, or waist circumference less than 35 inches for women or 40 inches for men
Glucose: less than or equal to 140 mg/dL (non-fasting) 50
Glucose: less than or equal to 100 mg/dL (fasting) 50
Wellness Activities
Self-Reported Activities
Non-tobacco user 25
Community event 25
Preventive exam: physical 25
Preventive exam: dental 25
Age-related exams/immunizations 25
Targeted Activities
Coaching 100
Self-directed coaching 50
Learning series: sleep 50
Learning series: pain management 50
Learning series: mindfulness 50
21-day guided meditation 100
Health challenges
TBD 50

To contact StayWell:

Call 1-866-280-1090.

Log on to You’ll need your user ID and password. New to the site? You’ll need to register.


New to Dominion Energy’s Benefits?
You Have Different Deadlines and Activities

Get a health screening and complete a Health Assessment within 90 days of enrolling in a Dominion medical plan and earn a medical premium credit for 2018 and 2019. Learn more.

The Points Add Up Fast!

Many Dominion Energy East employees and covered spouses or domestic partners will each earn 200 points simply by completing the Required Activities and meeting the Health Numbers. Dominion Energy West employees and covered spouses or domestic partners need to complete the Required Activities to earn 100 points.

Anyone can do most of the Wellness Activities at any time. However, to qualify for the medical premium credit for 2019, you must have completed the Required Activities and earned enough points by the deadline.

What Else You Need to Know

It’s confidential! A third-party company, StayWell, receives your health screening and Health Assessment data. Your personal health information is confidential and no one at Dominion Energy will ever have access to your personal health information.

If you’re married or have a domestic partner that you cover under your Dominion Energy medical benefits, you and your spouse or domestic partner each must earn 200 points (Dominion Energy East) or 100 points (Dominion Energy West) to each earn the $400 medical premium credit for a total of $800 off the cost of Dominion Energy medical coverage in 2019.

Keep track of the activities that you and your spouse or domestic partner have completed by visiting the StayWell site.