Expert Health Resources

Having good medical care coverage is important. And so is having expert resources that you can turn to that can help you learn about your best treatment options and the best place to get care. And with handy online tools, you can receive top-notch health care from where ever you are.

Best Doctors Second Opinions

You trust your doctor, but it’s always a good idea to get a second opinion. Especially when you’re diagnosed with a serious health condition or your doctor recommends a complex or expensive medical treatment.

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Founded by Harvard Medical School physicians, Best Doctors is a team of more than 53,000 medical experts specializing in over 450 health conditions. When you contact Best Doctors, an expert specializing in your condition will check the accuracy of your diagnosis and make recommendations. Watch this video and contact Best Doctors at or call 1-866-904-0910.


Referrals from Experts Who Know

The Anthem Blue Distinction Centers of Excellence (BDC) and Blue Distinction Centers Plus (BDC+) program directs you to medical facilities proven to provide excellent care specifically for these conditions: inpatient knee and hip replacements, spinal surgery and organ transplants. These medical facilities have a track record of better outcomes and faster recovery time. Contact Anthem Customer Service at 1-800-348-1966 to find a facility in your area that would qualify for the BDC/BDC+ incentive.