About the Health Screening

Getting a health screening is a Required Activity and will earn you 50 points toward getting the 2019 medical premium credit.

There are several different ways to get your health screening. Go to and log on using your user ID and password. (New to the site? You’ll need to register first.)

Find Your StayWell® Screening Option

No matter how you choose to get your screening, follow these steps first:

  1. Log on to using your existing user ID and password. New users will need to register first.
  2. On the Home page, select the Biometric Screening Registration tile.
  3. Verify your mailing address, then select from the available screening options.

Then choose the screening option that’s easiest for you:

From a free on-site screening. Beginning on January 16 for Dominion Energy West and in March for Dominion Energy East, you and your covered spouse or domestic partner can get screened at or near a Dominion Energy location. Sign up for the on-site screenings on (see the box for instructions).

From your health care provider. Before your visit, download a Health Care Provider Form from (See the box for instructions.) Have your health care provider fill it out and return it to StayWell according to the instructions on the form.

Be sure to remind your provider that your visit is a routine physical exam so the claim can be processed correctly.

Note: Your health care provider can use the results from a physical exam you had after July 31, 2017. The completed form can be faxed or uploaded directly to the Quest website. If you haven’t had a recent physical exam, schedule it soon—it’s free if you have Dominion Energy medical coverage and use a network provider.

At a Quest lab (January through November). (Quest is a diagnostic services provider where you can have your blood tested, as well as other lab services.) Quest will send your results to StayWell and to you. You’ll only be charged if you request lab work that’s not included in the screening. Find a Quest lab near you on, then make an appointment. Print your appointment confirmation before you log out.