Take Action, Be Healthy

Even if you’re in tip-top shape, most people have at least one health issue they can improve.

Through Dominion Energy’s partnership with StayWell®, you have a range of Wellness Activities you can choose from to help you be your best self. Completing these activities will earn you points toward earning your medical premium credit.

Activity Points You’ll Earn
Self-Reported Activities
Non-tobacco user 25
Community event 25
Preventive exam: physical 25
Preventive exam: dental 25
Age-related exams/immunizations 25
Targeted Activities
Coaching 100
Self-directed coaching 50
Learning series: sleep 50
Learning series: pain management 50
Learning series: mindfulness 50
21-day guided meditation 100
Health challenges
TBD 50

To contact StayWell:

Call 1-866-280-1090.

Log on to You’ll need your user ID and password. New to the site? You’ll need to register.

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Required Activities

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