Get in the Habit of Financial Wellness

Getting a physical...changing the oil in your car...checking the batteries in your smoke detectors—all good things to do on a regular basis. What about checking up on your money in the Dominion Savings Plan? If you’re not, you could be missing out on the ways Dominion Energy helps you get the most from your money.

Take Advantage of Dominion Energy Financial Wellness Resources

Make your financial health a priority with help from Dominion Energy.

Use Your Dominion Energy Financial Tools

View your Dominion Savings Plan statement by logging on to Conduent. Get a snapshot of your account balance, investment earnings, contributions and more. Plus, you can take action, such as increasing your contributions.

Get investment advice from the Financial Engines tool.

Check out retirement plan information on Your Benefits Resources™. You can access projections of your retirement benefits and retirement modeling tools.

Your Benefits Resources is a trademark of Hewitt Associates LLC.

Make Healthy Investment Choices

How you invest your money can make a big difference in getting and staying financially healthy for the long term. For investing your Savings Plan money, Dominion Energy offers you the option of doing it yourself or by choosing funds managed by professionals.

For do-it-yourselfers, choose your investment mix from several different types of funds. Visit the Dominion Savings Plan website (click “Fund Information”) to learn more.

Or, select a Retirement Target Date Fund that invests for you based on your estimated retirement date. Learn more about Target Date Funds.

Dominion Energy also offers professional financial planning advice through Financial Engines. Learn more about online advice and professionally managed accounts.