Stay on Track with Dominion Energy Financial Wellness Resources

Being in control of your financial wellness means taking charge and feeling confident that you know where you are and how to get to where you want to be. When you’re feeling stressed out about your money, it spills over into other parts of your life. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Dominion Energy offers you many different tools and resources to help you get financially fit along with other things you can do on your own.

Begin today to build confidence about your financial wellbeing!

Get Off to a Great Start

Here’s how to make the most out of your Dominion Energy financial wellness resources:

Step 1: Look at where you are and think about what you need. Answer some basic questions about where you are in your financial journey and where you want to be. We’ll suggest actions based on your answers.

Step 2: Take action! Take a look at the Financial Wellness Checklist that fits your situation. Each checklist has steps you can take now and things you can do at any time to help you improve your financial fitness, such as:

  • Check your 401(k) statement regularly so you can see how your account is doing—and make changes
    if you need to
  • Use simple tools to see how much you can and should save
  • Watch a recording of the online financial education session that matches your needs
  • Review your 401(k) investments and get help if you need it to make the most of your savings

Step 3: Stay on track. Take advantage of the tools and resources available on Conduent, Financial Engines and Your Benefits Resources™. When your circumstances change, use these sites to take the next step in your financial journey.

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Find the Track That Fits You Best

You may already have an idea of where you are in your financial journey:

Building a Foundation -- You’re ready to put a plan in place and looking for help to make sure you’re on the right path.

Making Progress -- You’ve got a plan but want to be sure it lines up with your financial goals.

Nearly There -- You’ve got retirement in your sights and want to make sure you’re ready when the time comes.

Not sure? Get help figuring it out.

How would you answer these questions?

Building a Foundation
Do you….
Making Progress
Do you….
Nearly There
Do you…
  • Have debt to pay down from a 401(k) loan, credit cards or college loans?
  • Feel like it’s time for a financial checkup?
  • Want to retire in less than 10 years?
  • Worry about balancing today’s needs with saving for retirement or other important things in your future?
  • Need help planning for a major financial need like buying a house or saving for college?
  • Need to know how you’ll start payments from your Dominion Energy Pension and 401(k) and Social Security?
  • Need investment help for your Dominion Energy Savings Plan account?
  • Have questions about how much you’ll need to retire and when you’ll get there?
  • Want the right investment strategy for now and into retirement?

Is this you?

If so…you’re Building a Foundation for financial wellness. Follow this track to get your finances on the right track, learn how to reduce debt and save for the future.

Is this you?

If so…you’re Making Progress on a solid financial foundation. Get help refining your investment strategy, developing a financial plan and maximizing your savings and investments.

Is this you?

If so…you’re Nearly There. Follow this track to help learn how much money you’ll need in retirement, the steps to reach your goal and what to do when you’re ready to retire.

When you know where you are, you’re well on your way to improved financial fitness through tailored financial wellness sessions, checklists and more.


Download Financial Wellness Checklists

Building a Foundation

Making Progress

Nearly There

View Financial Wellness Sessions

Once you know your financial wellness needs, DomTV is your go-to place for many different financial education recordings. (DomTV is available on DomNet).

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Financial Wellness Sessions
During Financial Wellness Checkup Month (April 2016), Dominion Energy offered three financial wellness sessions, each tailored to meet individual financial needs. In case you missed them, these sessions were recorded:

Introduction to Personal Finance (designed for the Building a Foundation track): This session helps you build your financial base, learn how to reduce debt, manage a budget and save for the future.

Financial Planning (designed for the Making Progress track): This session expands your financial foundation by reviewing and refining your investment strategy, developing a financial plan and showing you how to use your Dominion Energy benefits to maximize your savings and investments.

21st Century Retirement (designed for the Nearly There track): This session helps prepare you for retirement—so you’ll know how much money you’ll need, the steps to reach your goal, and what to do when you’re ready to retire (pension, savings plan, Social Security, your own savings, etc.).

Watch any of the three sessions on DomTV (available on DomNet).

Other Financial Wellness Education Programs

Introduction to Investing

If you haven’t already attended the one-hour Introduction to Investing workshop, check it out on DomTV (available on DomNet). This workshop covers:

  • Where to begin: financial goals, time horizon, risk tolerance
  • Investing concepts and terms: basics of investing
  • How to manage risk: asset allocation, your comfort with managing different types of investments
  • Dominion Energy’s investment options and resources, including retirement target date funds

Dominion Energy’s Retirement Benefits

If you’re interested in learning more about your Dominion Energy retirement benefits, be sure to catch these sessions on DomTV (available on DomNet):

Retirement/Savings 101: Provides an overview of both the Pension and 401(k) Plans, including the differences between these plans and key concepts for each.

Retirement/Savings 201: Shows the online tools and resources Dominion Energy offers.

Retirement/Savings 301: Describes what to do when an employee makes the decision to retire, such as how to apply for benefits and payment options.